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BAI 1009 Contemporary Toilet – One Piece Dual Flush Soft Close Seat Review

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BAI 1009 Contemporary Toilet - One Piece Dual Flush Soft Close Seat

A mostly independent company consisting of experienced builders and designers, BAI is also known for their unique aesthetics in pure contrast to the traditional offerings of other brands such as Toto and Kohler.

In spite of their perceived independence and status of lesser renown, BAI fulfills high quality and performance bathroom fixtures, all unique in their own ways, but still within a contemporary and modern feel.

As proof and testament to this statement, BAI’s 1009 contemporary toilet is seeking to unseat its contemporaries as one of the best and most cost-efficient toilets in the market today.

Supremely sophisticated and sleekly designed, the BAI 1009  is a great addition to any bathroom, but benefits far better when placed in a uniquely individual setting, such as more modern homes with a centralized theme.

Featuring a unique design and incredible and exceptional features, the BAI 1009 is easily one of the best toilets in its reasonable price range today.


  • Manufactured from high quality vitreous china ceramic material for incredible durability and pure white aesthetics; one-piece construction for easier utilization and installation, without loss of functionality
  • High-efficiency dual-flush technology with a low water consumption of 1.6 GPF; fully cUPC-certified and provides reasonable flushing power within a relatively lower call for water resources
  • Top-mounted chrome flush button for better intuitiveness and smarter flushing mechanisms
  • Easy to remove and integrated soft close seat for better comfort; elongated skirt construction with 12” rough-in for standard build quality
  • Siphonic S-trap design fully implemented for better waste suction from the very source, allowing for more power in draining wastes; flushing is also incredibly better and more intuitive
  • Fully-glazed tank and S-trap interior for smoother water flow that cleans itself during and after every flush; incredibly intuitive smart flushing mechanism combined with smooth ceramic glazing means less cleaning and maintenance at all levels
  • Comes in a gloss white finish that is perfect for almost any bathroom motif and theme; contemporary design for better fitting to modern homes and bathrooms, complimenting and enhancing the visual of every bathroom it occupies


The BAI 1009 is a high-efficiency toilet with a dual flush mechanism and a contemporary aesthetic that’s sure to please fans of the modern bathroom fixture.

Designed by BAI’s team of experienced builders and designers, the BAI 1009 is a fine addition to every home that is sure to benefit from the incredible functional aesthetic that this bathroom fixture gives. Also reasonably priced, the BAI 1009 is a serious competitor to other toilets in the same price range from other, more renowned manufacturers.

The BAI 1009 is made from high quality ceramic vitreous china which is unmatched in offering long-lasting durability and reliability. This ceramic also boasts an almost pure white quality which is great for its aesthetics.

The BAI 1009 also benefits from having a one-piece construction, making it superior in terms of putting it together during installation and more comprehensive in its staging and design, all without any loss of functionality.

The BAI 1009 utilizes dual flush technology that is becoming emergent in today’s more modern toilets. Both flushes work under a low water consumption of 1.6 GPF, giving it incredible cost efficiency in the long run as well. In tandem, the flush is very powerful in its own right, contributing to a very efficient system.

The flush is also fully cUPC-compliant, and it passed all industry standards for water efficiency. The flushing mechanism is also mounted at the top of the tank and is fitted with chrome, giving it better intuitiveness during flushing sequences.

The model is fitted with a soft close seat that is easily removed for additional comfort and convenience. The soft close seat is fully integrated and yet modular in its design, allowing for easy replacement with a better toilet seat just in case.

The BAI 1009’s skirt is elongated in its construction, allowing for more comfort while sitting. Along with the standard rough-in size of 12”, the BAI 1009 is a paragon of modern toilet comfort.

The BAI 1009 utilizes a siphonic S-trap which is commonly utilized in drains for sinks. This S-trap is arguably better at draining wastes, and is delivered with the powerful dual flushing system. Combined with a smooth ceramic glazing, this S-trap is better utilized with the BAI 1009’s clearly innovative features.


Because BAI is lesser known than most of the other brands, there is less experience to go with whenever you purchase one of their toilets. However, if brands don’t matter to you at all, then you should have no problem with this toilet.


In its price range, the BAI 1009 is one of the better and newer options for a reasonable toilet. Its features are competitive with others of the same price range, while distinguishing itself with its exceptional aesthetics.

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