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Best 3 Compact Toilets

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As its name suggests, a compact toilet is one that is designed specifically to fit in a limited space. They are made in a way that they lack external water tanks in order to free up some space in your bathroom. Most of these toilets have elongated bowls, and some are rounded which makes them designed to occupy a small space. These toilets can either be one piece or two pieces depending on its connection to the water tank. These compact toilets are preferred most by people because of the several benefits that they have. Some of these benefits are:


Compact toilets are flexible and you can move them with ease within your bathroom. Their systems are designed in such a way that they can be moved around without them being broken.


The overall cost of compact toilets is cheaper as compared to other toilets. To some other people, this may seem untrue because of the initial costs, but maintenance costs are minimal. This makes the overall costs cheaper since you may not incur any breakages and thus costs of buying new parts are not there.


Compact toilets are easy to move from one point to another. The various units can be moved even after it being installed. In case a different need arises, you can still move your toilet with less difficulty.


Best 3 Compact Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2403. 128. 020 Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet

The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 elongated, oval one piece toilet is one of the top three compact toilets. This model is a one piece elongated with its bowl located at the right height making it helpful when it is used. Its tank lever is mounted on the left side and it flushes water at 1.6 gallons per flush very fast and quietly while moving 1000 grams of solid waste per flush. To withstand corrosion effects of urban treated water, its flushing components are highly engineered. Unlike other toilets, the surface of this kind of toilet is always sparkling clean with a seat which has a push button removable making it easy when cleaning.


This American Standard compact toilet has a 3 inch flushing valve which allow water to flow at a higher rate, up to 80% faster than a 2 inch flushing valve. As water enters the bowl, it sweeps at an angle of 360 degrees. This completely clears the bowl even with very little water. The circular flow of water is then captured by a water siphon with a 2 1/8” diameter that is positioned perfectly to move 60% more water. This works optimally while using very little energy. As wastes get out of this toilet, they pass through a smooth glazed pathway. This clearly means that wastes do not adhere to the walls. It also includes a 5 year warranty, and EvenClean Surface to stop the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew from forming on the compact toilet’s surfaces.


Toilet GALBA 24.5’’24”25” Inch SMALL TOILET One Piece 24 25 Cupc UPC Short Compact Bathroom

This type of toilet is ideal for small bathrooms due to its small size. It is adult sized with its seat located at a suitable height. It comes in white and is a one piece designed with a glazed surface that is self-cleaning. This makes this type of toilet an amazing type since it does not rust, fade or even get some scratches. Its bowl is elongated with a double flush system. This makes this toilet so easy when flushing wastes after use. Its seat is longer and is made of a hard plastic material which makes it easy to clean.


To assure you of its durability, toilet GALBA comes with a warranty of one year. This covers for the replacement of its parts in case any of them wears out or breaks. This toilet roughly weighs 90 pounds and measures 24.5 by 14 by 27 inches. It is purely made of plastic. This is an ideal material for both domestic and industrial purposes since it can be cleaned easily with a little amount of water. This makes this type of toilet good to be used in all areas even where water is limited. The dual system flush enables it to get refilled very faster after each flush.


American Standard 2988.101.020 Concealed Trapway Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Flowise 1.28 gpf Toilet

It is a two piece round toilet with a right height bowl that will give you a comfy experience as you sit on it. Like the three piece model, this two piece model also has its tank lever built on the left side. This type of toilet outperforms other toilets as it flushes water faster and more quietly. The flushing components of this toilet model are also made to withstand the corrosive effect of urban chemically treated water. For simple cleaning, this model is designed with a push button seat that can be removed easily when washing. This leaves the porcelain surface to remain clean all the time. Under the American Standards Limited, Cadet 3 Right Height compact toilet is covered with a five year warranty.

Similar to the one piece toilet, two piece round toilet has a flushing system that has a 3 inch flush valve opening which allows water to get into the bowl at a high speed. As this water gets into the bowl, it does so in complete motion thus less water is used. With less energy used, the circulating water in the bowl flows into a jet that is well positioned. This clears away all the wastes into a trap way which has a smooth surface to prevent any dirt clinging on it. After each use, a power wash rim clears the bowl leaving it EverClean.


With a little creativity, you can make your bathroom look gorgeous and stylish. You can achieve this trick by embracing the above mentioned types of compact toilets. With the limited space available, you will never be disappointed with these compact toilet types. The technology engineered in them makes these toilet types durable and long lasting so you will use them for your entire life.


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