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A bidet toilet seat just as the name implies is a toilet seat that you can install on your toilet bowl. However, unlike the usual toilet seats, this fixture allows you to clean up the waste that remains on your skin once you are done using the toilet using the water that emerges from the built-in nozzles. Even better, this toilet seat will help you reduce the need to use tissue, because the best seats feature warm air-drying fans that produces warm air to let the water left on your skin dry. Now that you have an idea of what a bidet is, the next running through your mind is the reason to have these fixtures while tissue will do the work. Keep reading and get an idea of the reasons you need one of these fixtures during your next bathroom renovation.

Benefits of bidet toilet seats

  1.  Better hygiene

    Unlike using tissue paper where you still leave the toilet with some residue on your skin, a bidet will get rid all the waste leaving you completely clean. Since these devices give you the chance to adjust water pressure as well as the water temperature, you can be sure to get a thorough clean up enabling you to improve your hygiene.

  2. It is environmental friendly

    Let’s face it. For the daily demand of toilet papers to be met, trees have to be cut down on a regular basis. Such a measure leads to deforestation which in the long run has adverse effects including global warming. Even worse, during the processing period, a lot of water goes to waste trying to manufacture these papers. Bidets can save our environment by reducing the need to manufacture these papers. By getting a bidet that not only helps you to clean but also helps you to dry, you do not have to use toilet paper meaning that your daily demand will go down significantly thereby reducing the need to cut down forests, and thus conserving the environment.

  3. Better skin care

    Apart from environmental conservation, a bidet will protect you from making your skin get drier or worse from rubbing it with a dry tissue. With a skin irritation or health conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, among other conditions, using tissue can make the skin getting worse due to rubbing using a rough paper. However, once you use bidets, you can eliminate these problems since the warm water that emerges will help you to massage and soothe your skin. Besides, a bidet will let you can stay in control of the water pressure as well as temperature so that you can benefit from the most soothing experience. Even better, you do not have to use a towel or tissue to dry up since the warm air produced will do that for you reducing all forms of contact to the itching area which promotes a faster recovery.

  4. Reduces plumbing issues

    Most plumbing issues that arise in our homes are due to a clog emerging from the bathroom. Most of these clogs result due to blocking the sewage pipe with lots of tissue used by toilet users. Since a bidet will lower the need to use tissue paper, the blockage caused by these papers will also reduce drastically. As such, you will no longer need to use your money hiring plumbers to unclog your toilets, which also means that you will get a healthier home.


Best bidet toilet seat reviews

Now that you already know what a bidet toilet seat is and why you need one, have a look at the best bidets in these reviews, so that you have an idea of what they feature and the reasons they are worth your hard-earned money.

1. TOTO Washlet C100 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

As the best bidet toilet seat in our review, it is no doubt that this washlet has a lot to offer. It features a streamlined and an elongated front design so that it fits onto your elongated toilet bowl with a lot of ease. Included in its package are mounting and connection hardware. As such, you do not have to get an expert to install your Washlet seat.
This washlet performs a Premist of the bowl before each use. This is a process by which a light mist is sprayed onto the dry toilet bowl to make it slippery before use. So, you can be sure that waste will not adhere to the bowl, which makes the process of cleaning the bowl a lot easier. With this bidet toilet seat, you can either opt for the front, rear, soft-rear, with an oscillating cleanse. More to that, you can set your cleaning water to one of the three temperature setting included. So, if you prefer high, medium, or low temperature, you can be sure to get exactly that with this washlet. Even better, you can select one among the five pressure settings for the maximum cleansing power.
Another plus of this bidet toilet seat is that you do not need to get a towel to dry yourself. The reason behind this is that it features a warm air dryer with three variable settings so that you can leave while clean and dry. What’s more is that the seat features an automatic air deodorizer which you can use to remove odors in the bathroom. Once you get one of these bidet seats, you can be sure to maintain a clean toilet since it features a self-cleaning wand. As such, the wand gets cleaned automatically before and after use. More to that, the bidet seat features a quick release button so that you can separate it from the toilet bowl for a thorough cleaning. With this bidet, you can forget about the annoying noise that emerges due to slamming the toilet seat since it features a soft close function built into the lid and seat. 

  • Pros

    ♦ It is easy to install
    ♦ It helps reduce the amount of toilet paper used
    ♦ It comes with a clear user instruction manual
    ♦ It requires less space
    ♦ The temperature levels and water pressure is perfect
    ♦ It is reasonably priced
    ♦ It features a power saving function
    ♦ It is comfortable and has a smooth operation

  • Cons

    ♦ It doesn’t fit onto all toilets. You have to take the measurements
    ♦ The wand that sprays water doesn’t have a position memory


2. BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

This bidet seat is constructed with a sturdy ABS plastic to make it highly durable. It features a 3 in 1 stainless steel nozzle which provides excellent posterior wash, softer feminine wash, and vortex water stream wash to help you improve your hygiene. The nozzle is motor driven which makes it accurate, consistent in movement, and reliable. It features a stainless-steel construction so that it is easy to clean, and resistant to wear and tear.
This bidet seat features a hydro flush inside-out cleaning technology so that it washes all the impurities out of the nozzle easily and fast. As such, the water flows through the nozzle at a high pressure to enable it to flush out all the impurities through a drain located at the nozzle tip for your hygiene. Another plus of this product is the exclusive clean surge rapid self-cleaning. This enables the motor to extract and retract the nozzle repeatedly as water flows over the nozzle which is also aimed at promoting hygiene.
The Bliss Electric bidet seat features a design that intended to make you comfortable. It is contoured, adjustable, heated, and with a slow closing lid. It also includes a touch screen angled side panel meant to enhance your comfort, and a night light so that you can operate it at night. Even better, it includes a sleek and modernized wireless remote control to enable you to control the features at your comfort. You can either choose a white or black remote color so that it suits your decor.
Once you get one of these bidets, you can be sure to have an eco-friendly product since it features an energy-saving mode aimed to reduce electricity. The bidet also helps you to dry fast due to the warm air-dry feature, while it helps to remove odor in the bathroom with its powerful deodorizer. With this seat, you can be sure to benefit from a warm water cleaning experience since it features a hybrid heating technology. 


♦ Set up and operation are straightforward
♦ Easy to install
♦ The seat is comfortable
♦ The unit cleans well
♦ It has adjustable temperature, pressure, spray size and the angle
♦ Warm water is available all through
♦ It does a good drying job no need for toilet paper
♦ It features a heated seat to keep you warm


♦ The remote’s AAA batteries need a frequent replacement
♦ It is expensive


3. TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you want to get a bidet toilet seat that will enhance the hygiene of your bathroom? If so, this is the perfect washlet to give a try. It creates electrolyzed water aimed at cleaning your bowl after every use. This water is also used to rinse the wand. Even better, the water automatically sprays into the bowl after every 8 hours of inactivity so that the bowl remains fresh always.
The Washlet features a sleek elongated front design so that it fits your elongated toilet bowls. It includes mounting and connection hardware to enable you to install it fast without requiring an expert. The bidet seat performs a Premist of the bowl before use, so that waste doesn’t adhere for an easier cleaning.
What’s more is that the washlet delivers you all the comfort you would need in a bidet toilet seat. It features an auto open and close lid that detects once you approach it. As such, the lid opens when you approach and closes once you leave. The feature also allows you to set it in such a way that it not only opens the lid but the seat too for greater convenience. With this bidet also, you can never run out of warm water. It has an instantaneous tankless water heating system so that there is a continuous stream of warm water.
The bidet seat allows you can benefit from a front, rear, soft-rear wash, with an oscillating, or pulsating stream. You may also select from five comfortable warming temperatures during your cleanse, more to which you can also choose an ideal water pressure from the five available settings. The seat also includes five air dryer temperatures as well as five temperatures settings for the heated seat. All these are meant to give you a variety to choose from so that you can benefit from ideal temperature settings.
Featuring a remote control with two user’s presets, this bidet seat is user-friendly since you can control it at your comfort. The remote control has a backlit button so that you can use it even in the dark. Even better, the seat has a built-in night light that fills the bathroom with soft light for safe use during the night. The Washlet can help you conserve energy since it can automatically predict usage times, while it gives you the ability to reset it to save more energy with the 3,6,9-hour manual timer. 


♦ It is attractive and fashionable
♦ Air cleaner is great, and no smell remains after its use
♦ The cool blue light is perfect for a night use
♦ The automatic raising and closing of lid makes it ideal for use by the elderly and those with back problems
♦ The seat is heated
♦ Installation is easy
♦ It is easy to set user preferences
♦ Less toilet paper usage


♦ It is highly priced


4. TOTO Washlet C200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

This is a fully automated washlet that enables you to benefit from a front, rear, and soft rear cleanse with the option of a pulsating or oscillating stream. The Washlet features water with adjustable pressure and temperatures so that you can select from the five-setting available. It also features a heated seat with five temperature settings to give you the chance to choose the ideal temperature setting.
Another plus of this washlet is that it gives you the ability to control it at your comfort. It comes with a remote control that features an illuminated touch pad for easy control during the night. What’s more is that the remote control has a 2-user memory so that it can save your preferred settings. With this bidet toilet seat, you can be sure to clean it with a lot of ease since it performs a Premist before every use to prevent waste from adhering.
The Washlet also features a self-cleaning wand so that it cleans before and after every use. With a self-close built-in function on the lids and seat, you can forget about the annoying sound that results due to slamming of lids. Whats more is that you can be sure to have an easy time trying to maintain the cleanliness of your toilet since the seat can be separated from the toilet bowl with a single press of the quick release button.
This elongated bidet toilet seat also features an air deodorizer that removes unpleasant odors while you are seated on it. More to this, it has a warm air dryer with five temperature settings that makes the drying process fast and easy. 


♦ Features an adjustable water pressure and temperature
♦ It gives the option to turn the seat heater on or off
♦ It features a self-clean wand
♦ Spray wand position is adjustable
♦ Installing the bidet is easy
♦ It requires little space
♦ It is comfortable to use


♦ Water takes some time before it reaches an ideal temperature


5. SmartBidet SB-2000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets

With an elongated shape, this bidet toilet seat is a perfect fit to your elongated toilet. It has multi-wash functions including the posterior wash and feminine wash. With it, you can clean up using the oscillation stream. The bidet features a retractable self-cleaning nozzle with five nozzle positions that produce clean filtered water. Hence you can be sure to maintain your hygiene at your comfort and liking.
Another plus of this bidet is that it features five levels of adjustable water pressure and three levels of water temperature. This enables you to select the ideal pressure and temperature from your water for a thorough clean up. What’s more is that this bidet features a heated seat with three temperature levels. The seat also includes a safety on and off skin sensor which activates once you sit so that you can benefit from ideal temperature levels.
Something else that is worth noting about this product is its warm air dryer with five adjustable temperature settings. These will help you dry fast and conveniently without having to use toilet paper. What’s more is that the bidet features an energy saving mode that enables you to save on your energy bills. The bidet will let you forget the noise that results after slamming toilet lids due to the soft closing lid and seat feature. 


♦ No more slamming of the toilet seat due to the self-closing cover
♦ The water temperature and pressure is adjustable
♦ It is easy to install and remove
♦ It comes with a well-explained user manual


♦ You must have an electric socket near the toilet


6. Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

What more would you demand from your bidet toilet seat than comfort and a high-quality clean-up capability? This bidet toilet is engineered to give you the highest quality wash. It features dual stainless-steel nozzles where one is ideal for front wash and the other rear wash. What’s more, the nozzles feature a stainless-steel construction since it is durable, rust resistant, while it is easy to clean, so that you do not access contaminated water. More to this, the nozzles feature an on-demand sterilization technology where you can use the silver nanoparticles to make sure that they remain germ-free.
The bidet toilet seat delivers endless warm water. It features a heating system that never runs out of warm water so that it is always ready when you want to use it. With this toilet seat, you can use the water pressure and temperature of your choice for the best cleaning experience. More to that, you can apply either of the seven nozzle positions based on your preference. This bidet comes with a remote to enable you to customize your washing needs. It also features a warm air dryer to enhance fast drying without the need to use a lot of tissue.
Another plus of this bidet toilet seat is the replaceable deodorizer that cleanses the bathroom air so that it remains fresh. You do not also have to worry about using your bidet during the night since it features a cool blue illuminating night light that enables you to operate it in the dark without straining. This product is perfect for the North American toilets owing to its sleek shape. It also features a hidden pocket which is suitable for placing the water hose and electrical cord to keep your bathroom floor free from clutter.
Once you get one of these bidets, you can be sure to have a peace of mind when it comes to installation and cleaning. When you need to install it, you only need to remove your toilet seat and replace it with your bidet seat. On the other hand, cleaning is simple since it only calls for you to use the quick-release mechanism to separate the seat from the toilet bowl. Another plus is that you do not have to deal with lid slamming any longer since it features a gentle-close lid. 



♦ Rust free stainless steel nozzles
♦ It features two nozzles, one for the front wash and the other for the rear wash
♦ It has an adjustable spray length and position
♦ It does not take much time to install
♦ Seat is comfortable and cleans you well


♦ It is a bit expensive

It is no doubt that these bidet toilet seats are a worthy investment in your bathroom. Owing to the fact that they function as advertised and that most of the previous buyers reviewed them positively, you should try out one of the toilets with the features that amaze you and be sure to have made the best value for your money.

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