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Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet Review

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Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet

RV owners rejoice! Dometic, the esteemed leader in RV comfort, finally came up with their exceptional addition to the RV bathroom with the Dometic 320 series standard height toilet.

If you own a mobile home, you know the difficulty of finding a good fit for mobile bathroom fixtures that ensure a leak-free and reliably comfortable experience.

For these purposes, Dometic, which has always lead the innovations for the modern RV, came up with solutions for enhancing different parts of the mobile home, the most important being its bathroom.

To help bridge the comfort gap, Dometic’s 320 series toilet is here, with its incredibly efficient design and high-performing functionality that is unmatched by other RV toilets. It is made of full ceramic, with an ergonomic one-piece design to keep it as space-efficient as possible without hurting its performance.

Made for the modern RV or mobile home owner, the Dometic 320 series is, quite simply, the toilet to have if you’re looking for mobile bathroom solutions.


  • Elongated bowl for full-sized and homey comfort that cannot be found on other RV toilets; full-sized wood seat for exceptional comfort, all within the confines of a residential-height toilet
  • Full high glass ceramic construction makes for stain-free and self-cleaning technology; easier to maintain and clean than most counterparts; scratch-free for incredible long-lasting durability as well
  • Anti-splash with built-in rim guard, all utilized under the 320’s smart design; always keeps the toilet water in the bowl, where it belongs, and away from things that do not need to get wet; fully concealed rinse jets for better servicing through aesthetics
  • Extreme low-flush technology with full natural gravity assistance for incredibly low and cost-efficient water consumption; uses as little as .5 LPF or a pint of water per flush
  • Ergonomically designed with a one-way, easy-to-use foot pedal; utilizes a two-way flushing feature: partial press for adding water, and full press for flushing; incredibly ergonomic schematics
  • Two-bolt installation process for quick and easy installation; water connection made easy with quick-access valve
  • Highly serviceable parts due to modular component design; replacing and reinstallation is a breeze
  • One-piece design for complete space-efficiency within your needs


Dometic’s 320 series toilet is easily a must-have if you’re looking for mobile home bathroom fixtures. With Dometic’s experience and expertise in making tried and tested fixtures for all your mobile needs, it’s not hard to see why the 320 series toilet is one of the best in mobile home solutions.

The 320 series features an elongated bowl, making for superior comfort that is comparable to using a toilet within the comfort of your home. It utilizes a wood seat, which makes for even better comfort, all within ergonomic and highly-functional sensibilities.

The standard height also means that it’s comparable in size to most residential home toilets in terms of height, reducing your need to squat in order to expel your wastes. The 320 series is adult-friendly, taking note of the additional need for comfort in going about your business aboard an RV.

The Dometic 320 series toilet utilizes a full high glass ceramic construction which is easily stain-free. The design makes sure that you clean and maintain the toilet less, due to self-cleaning from the impeccably smooth architecture.

The whole toilet is also fully scratch resistant, so it’s highly durable and long lasting, making for a much better mobile bathroom experience.

The Dometic 320 series also notes on the possibility of some splashing within units, and that’s why it’s designed with an anti-splash rim integrated in order to avoid unnecessary water contact with your bottom. The said splash guard also conceals the rinse jets, adding further value to its aesthetic functionality.

The Dometic 320 series also uses a low-flush technology that makes use of available natural gravity more than the water pressure, effectively conserving your water consumption within the RV. The whole unit consumes as little as .5 liters per flush; this is equal to a pint of water.

In addition, the Dometic 320’s flush technology is utilized with a one-way and intuitively designed foot pedal which works two-fold: a partial press will fill the bowl with water, and a full press will flush everything.

This design makes it great for further conservation of your water resources, and adds to the attractiveness of the Dometic 320.


The problem most commonly associated with the Dometic 320 series toilet is its frequently cracking or cracked water valve, partially due to some units being delivered without prior quality assurance. This is easily serviceable with a replacement water valve, but be wary of how easily the stock one can break.


For RV owners, the Dometic 320 is easily the best RV toilet that money can buy right now. It’s filled with incredible functionality at a cost-efficient price, so if you’re in the market for a mobile home toilet, you cannot go wrong with the Dometic 320.

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