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How to Unblock a Toilet like a Professional

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How to Unblock a Toilet like a Professional

If there’s one thing that any of us hate happening around the house, it’s a blocked toilet. There are different reasons as to why your toilet can end up getting blocked but it doesn’t mean that you should become helpless and leave it that way.

We need to use our toilets from time to time and we can’t use it if we have a blocked toilet, right? So before you call your plumber, try the following tips and techniques to unblock your toilet. All you need is a little bravery and the belief that you can do what your plumber can!

What Should You Do Before Unblocking You Toilet?

Before anything else, you should make sure that the actual problem is your toilet. If the problem is with your house’s drainage system, then it would be better to hire a professional. After figuring this out, do the following steps:

Make sure your comfort room is well ventilated

Stagnant water in your toilet brings out gasses that should not be inhaled. Also, any chemical that you will be using to clean and de-clog your toilet can be toxic if inhaled. This is why you should make sure that your comfort room’s windows are open before doing anything else.

Wear long rubber gloves

You will be using your hands throughout the de-clogging method and you would not want any of those dirty water’s bacteria and germs on you. Wear long rubber gloves to protect yourself from being contaminated.

Lay down old newspapers or rugs

You can expect some spillage as you unblock your toilet. Placing old newspapers or rugs can easily soak up overflowing water and spills as they happen.

Turn off the toilet’s water pipes

Most homeowners who attempt to unblock their toilets often forget to turn off their toilet’s water pipe, making it more susceptible to overflowing. Turn off your toilet’s water pipe to prevent overflowing.

Check the labels of your cleaning products

Before using any of the cleaning products and chemicals, you should read the labels and carefully follow the instructions. Reading them carefully will prevent you from using chemicals that should not be used together.

Don’t flush and flush

A common mistake done by individuals with a blocked toilet is that they keep on flushing their toilets in the hope that this will eventually stop flush down whatever’s blocking it. However, this often results in a toilet bowl filling with water and even worse, dirty water spilling on your bathroom floor. So avoid flushing.

Ways of Unblocking your Toilet

Unblock your toilet manually

If there’s a chance that you know what’s causing the blockage of your toilet and it can be removed manually, then it’s time to put on your long rubber gloves and try to dislodge it manually.

Unblock your toilet with hot water and liquid soap

If the problem that’s causing your toilet to clog can be dissolved like tissue papers, you can try pouring hot water on your toilet to try unclogging it. To do this, add a few squirts of dishwashing liquid to the bowl then pour a pot of hot water at your waist-level. Pouring the water from this height will help in pushing the water harder into the pipes. Wait for a few minutes before trying to flush your toilet.

Using a wire coat hanger

If you have a wire coat hanger around the house, it’s time to put it to another use. Unravel the coat hanger and twist the other end to form a small spiral shape. Make sure you are wearing your rubber gloves before sticking the spiral end into the toilet. Twist and push the coat hanger wire until you dislodge whatever’s blocking your toilet.

Unblock with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another way to unblock your toilet is by using the natural chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. To do this, simply mix together 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar into a mixing bowl. Wait for a few minutes before pouring a kettle of hot water into the bowl. Pour this mixture into your toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the chemical reaction subsides, try flushing your toilet.

Unblock your toilet with a Plunger

Perhaps the most known way of unblocking toilets is through the use of a toilet plunger. But before anything else, you should know that there are different types of plungers and there is one that is meant for unblocking toilets. After getting the right type of plunger, it’s time to get to work. Slowly push the plunger down to create a vacuum then pull the handle up to dislodge the clog. Take note that there should be water in the toilet to get the desired effect. Repeat plunging until you unblock your toilet fully.

Using Caustic Soda to Unblock your toilet

If the processes above still can’t unblock your toilet, try using caustic soda to unblock your toilet. Make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves and a face mask before doing the procedures. Pour four liters of water in a plastic bucket and slowly add caustic soda. Stir the mixture slowly and make sure that you are doing this in a well-ventilated area. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and close the lid for 45 minutes. Mix another mixture of caustic soda and water then pour it into the toilet. Leave this mixture overnight. In the morning, try flushing your toilet with hot water to fully unclog your toilet.

These simple tips and techniques have been tried and tested by various homeowners to unblock their toilets especially when they can’t get a hold of their plumber. These simple steps can save you money and teach you what to do in case your toilet gets clogged again in the future.

Still, when all else fails, it would be wise to contact your plumber to help with unblocking your toilet, especially if whatever’s unblocking your toilet has gone far down the pipes and cannot be dislodged easily.

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