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Toilet Buying Guide

One of the most important things to note whether you’re starting out in a new home, or just generally in the market for serious home renovations is what toilet you’re going to buy.

In all sincerity, it’s also one of the hardest to get right, simply because of the time, money and effort you will be spending in the installation of a commode that is best for your purposes.

You have to worry about different things, and overlooking one could lead to a lot of disappointment on your part, simply because reinstallation is such hard and time-consuming job.

Fear not, however, because even though toilet installation can be quite hard and time-consuming, the process of learning the do’s and don’ts of buying it is reasonably easier. As long as you’re using common sense and every bit of knowledge you can glean, learning the basics of buying a toilet can be relatively simple.

Here are some things to remember when buying a proper toilet for your needs.

Flushing performance

Because most of the toilets being sold are disconnected from water sources, you can’t easily test their performance. However, there is a wealth of knowledge available from the Internet to figure out what a specific toilet can and can’t do.

What’s important is figuring out a source that is reliable and in full confidence of what they’re talking about. You can even go to someone you know and try out their toilets and their general performance, so long as you have permission to do so.

If you do manage to find a toilet that you can try out, always try to go bigger in your tests. This is to test if it would clog or not. The top performers for these kinds of tests always keep your bowl as pristine as possible, all the while carrying the wastes far down the drain pipe.

Water-saving technology

Common sense dictates that a powerful flushing system would always use more water, therefore giving off a more complete flushing. However, flushing accounts for 30 percent of all residential water waste in US homes, so it should come as no surprise that the government put restrictions on the power of flushing in the country to 1.6 GPF.

California implements stiffer restrictions, only allowing flushes with a 1.28 GPF to pass its industry standards. Take note of where you live accordingly in order to avoid disappointments in buying a toilet.

Even though the GPF of toilets are fairly limited, flushing power can still be increased through smart use of natural gravity and more complex flushing systems. Do your research on the toilet you are planning to buy beforehand, in order to avoid disappointments associated with wrongful buying.

Proper toilet sizing

Taking note of the proper measurements in the toilet you will be buying is also integral to the whole toilet-buying process. It’s helpful to first narrow your shopping options to choices that will fit the toilet’s place of installation.

The rough-in is one of the most important sizes you will need to take note of, simply because this is the size of the mouth of the bowl itself. The rough-in is the measurement of the distance from the walls of the bowl to the center of the flange.

Usually, the standard rough-in is about 12”, but it can come in smaller sizes, which are not uncommon in smaller bathrooms, like 10” rough-ins. 14” rough-ins are also available for bigger bathrooms.

Aside from rough-in sizing, comfort height is also variably tested in order to properly fit the user properly. The toilet seat height is usually 17” to 19” high, and these are the most common choices as a result, becoming more known as the industry standard. There are higher options available as well, which are better for taller people, or shorter ones for shorter people.

Branding is also somewhat important for choosing a toilet for your specific needs, although this is negligible if you find a cost-efficient model, regardless of whether it came from a name brand or somewhere else.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to be fully informed and acquainted with the different toilet aspects, in order to get the one best suited for your needs.

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