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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss Review

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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss

Improved quality of life is always the result of good bathroom components, especially the toilet. A good toilet will always have high quality and performance to it, and is exceptional in all needed situations.

For those purposes, Toto USA has always performed at par to deliver some of the world’s most exceptionally functional toilets, all within the reach and availability of various consumers. Their long-standing Drake is proof to this, and you can always rely on its incredible flushing ability to help you in any bathroom situation.

With a traditional 2-piece designed mold with a technicality and functionality belonging to our today’s society, the Drake is a cost-efficient and highly functional toilet that aims to improve your whole bathroom experience and relieve the stress associated in evacuating your bodily wastes.

Sporting a classic and timeless design, the Toto Drake is a fine and incredible addition to any bathroom it will luckily find itself into.


  • Contemporary, high-profile design in two pieces: a tank and a bowl; perfect for any home
  • SanaGloss-coated, the latest in Toto’s endless innovations; super smooth and cleans your toilet bowl with every flush using ion barrier glazing technology; easier to maintain and clean
  • Fast flush technology utilizing a wide 3-inch flush valve that is 125% larger than the conventional 2-inch toilet flush valve; Toto’s very own G-Max flushing system for quiet and powerful flushing each and every time at a grade that passed industry and commercial standards
  • Computer designed scheme trapway that is also fully glazed; elongated bowl for easier utilization, with a 12” rough-in that fits all bottoms easily as well
  • Chrome trip level strategically placed for easier operations even while sitting
  • Low-consumption toilet with jet flushing action (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf)
  • Compatible with any SoftClose seat or Washlet for further installation improvements
  • Dimensions of bowl height without seat at 14.625”, product depth at 26.3125”, product height 28.5”, product width 19.5”


Toto is well-renowned for their brilliant designs in their bathroom and sink features. Hailing from Japan and founded by Kazuchika Okura back in 1912, Toto is a frontrunner in manufacturing and distributing some of the best toilets in the world.

Established within the confines of a ceramic sanitary ware laboratory, Toto boasts impeccable and ergonomic designs in almost all of their bathroom fixtures, and with cost-efficiency to make it more attractive. Toto is dominating the market with its Drake lineup, a batch of impressive toilets with incredible functionality and design.

It’s made with contemporary leanings, but is still timeless and classic in its own way, utilizing a two-piece schematic that’s been at the heart of every great toilet for more than a century. Piece separation is achieved through a bowl and a tank part, making it an awesome addition for every home.

The Toto Drake uses a SanaGloss coating, a widely revolutionary innovation that’s implemented with great precision. This coating makes sure that the surface is super smooth, while at the same time keeping your toilet clean and spotless with every flush, using ion barrier glazing technology.

This means that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing due to its contemporary design, the Toto Drake is easier to clean and maintain due to its superiorly smoother surface.

The Toto Drake also boasts fast flush technology that uses a revolutionary 3” flush valve instead of the conventional and much more widely implemented 2” one. In addition, the Drake lineup utilizes Toto’s very own G-Max flushing system which ensures quiet and reliably powerful flushing each and every time.

The larger flush valve means more flushing power at the very source, while the built-in G-Max mechanics ensure that you only have to flush once.

The Toto Drake is fully computer designed for a more ergonomic schematic, especially within its trapway system. All parts within this system also benefit from the ion barrier glazing, meaning that you can easily maintain it without any additional hassles.

The bowl has a rough-in of 12”, making it the perfect size for just about anybody, and it is elongated at some parts to ensure easier overall utilization of the toilet.


Some units sold and received still suffer from clogging problems and such, which makes the Toto Drake a little less attractive. There is a one-year warranty if such problems arise, but replacing the toilet can be such a huge hassle, especially if it’s already installed.


In spite of some units showing problems, the Toto Drake is still one of the best choices for a toilet all around. It is very cost-efficient and you can never go wrong with Toto products overall.

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